Zellers – Coupon Acceptance/Redemption Policy

Zellers – Coupon Acceptance/Redemption Policy

This document will provide our valued customers with an outline of the Zellers Coupon Policy concerning:

  • Manufacturer’s (vendor) coupons
  • Internet (online) coupons
  • Provincial Hydro Coupons

If the coupons being presented for redemption meet our acceptance/redemption rules, we will gladly accept them.

Guiding Principles

Each time a coupon is presented for redemption, the Zellers Cashier will be required to read the Terms & Conditions (T&Cs) on each individual coupon. This must be done to validate acceptance/ redemption criteria, and when applicable, the cashier will follow the acceptance rules established by Zellers (see below).

As a retailer, we agree to comply with the T&Cs stated on the coupons. The below 'Zellers Acceptance/Redemption Rules' are expected to clarify what we will allow, and what we will NOT allow (related to couponing at Zellers).

Zellers Acceptance/Redemption Rules

Provided that the coupon presented is still valid (has not expired),

A. We will allow customers to:

  1. Redeem 1 coupon per item in a sales transaction (ratio 1:1 for each qualifying item) i.e. if you purchase 6 cans of tuna, you are entitled to redeem up to 6 coupons. Only one coupon per item is allowed.
  2. Redeem a coupon that exceeds the current selling value (regular, sale, clearance or blue ticket price) of the item; provided that all coupons combined do not exceed the value of all items being purchased in the sales transaction. Note: if only 1 item is being purchased, and the value of the coupon exceeds the selling value of the item, the value of the coupon will be reduced to match the price of the item (before taxes). Per B2 below, cash back is not allowed.
  3. Redeem coupons for 'free' items (which will be exempt from taxes).
  4. Redeem coupons towards items that they hold a valid Raincheck for.
  5. Redeem internet coupons (obtained and printed from reputable internet sites) for a $ value off ONLY (internet coupons for free items will NOT be accepted).
  6. Redeem hydro coupons (only if Zellers is listed as a participating retailer i.e. on the vendor site).
  7. Redeem a coupon towards an item in a sale which is being further discounted (at transaction level) on senior's day, customer appreciation days, for credit discount offers or when using a SPC Card (Student Purchase Card).
  8. Redeem coupons that provide a Canadian mailing address (for reimbursement) in the T&Cs.
  9. Redeem Social Media Coupons (obtained and printed from a reputable social media site such as facebook.com/zellerscanada).
  10. 1Redeem coupons towards items that have been 'price matched' (per the guidelines of our price match guarantee noted in our weekly circulars).

B. We will NOT allow:

  1. Coupon stacking (use multiple coupons towards the purchase of a single item in a sales transaction).
  2. Cash back (if the coupon amount exceeds the current selling value of the item).
  3. Redemption of expired coupons.
  4. Facsimiles (photocopies) or reproductions of any coupons.
  5. Redemption of coupons valid in the US only or any other countries.
  6. Redemption of coupons towards products that are not explicitly illustrated or described on the actual coupon.
  7. Redemption of coupons presented to the cashier on a portable handheld device (i.e. smart phone, iPad etc) unless the offer is explicitly communicated as such to support a Zellers offer on facebook.com/zellerscanada.
  8. Redemption of mail-in rebate coupons.
  9. Redemption of coupons if the T&C states 'do not accept without a dot-scan barcode below the expiry date' and the coupon presented does not display the barcode in the noted spot.

The information contained in this document supersedes any previously communicated instructions or policies published or referenced on the subject of Coupon Acceptances/Redemptions at Zellers. References to our coupon policy obtained on non-Hbc Internet Sites, Blogs or Chat Rooms are not considered legitimate. To confirm validity, the content must be referenced and obtained from an official Hudson's Bay Company/Zellers internet site.